Phase 1B

Healthcare Workers

  • People working in health care including doctors, nurses and midwives, allied health professionals, dental practitioners.

  • All public and private hospital staff.

  • Healthcare workers in private practice.

  • Community pharmacy staff.

  • All healthcare workers providing in-home and community disability and aged care, including centre-based care.

  • Workers who regularly engage in person with those receiving aged care or those with a disability in phase 1a or 1b, including aged care assessment workforce, those conducting regulatory activities and advocacy services.

  • All healthcare workers in clinical settings, including students on placement.

  • Onsite administrative staff in healthcare settings.

  • Cleaners, kitchen staff and other ancillary staff in healthcare settings

Critical and High Risk Workers

  • Emergency services personnel, including frontline police officers, fire and rescue personnel, corrective services officers.

  • Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service volunteers.

  • Active Australian Defence Force personnel.

  • Australian Government officials about to be deployed or currently deployed overseas on official government business.

  • Workers involved in manufacture of AstraZeneca vaccine and distribution/delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Workers at licensed meat processing businesses where they are directly involved in the manufacturing and distribution process, where the work is in a cold environment and where workers are unable to maintain distancing requirements..

Elderly People

  • People aged 80 and over.

  • People aged 70 and over.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 and over.


  • Household contacts (those living in the same primary residence) of quarantine and border workers. 

  • Adults with a specified underlying health condition.

  • Carers (paid and unpaid) of: a resident of an aged care facility or residential disability accommodation who is eligible under Phase 1A; a person 70 years and over who is eligible under Phase 1B; a person with a specified underlying medical condition who is eligible under Phase 1B; or a child with a specified underlying medical condition

  • Disability and aged care support volunteers who provide support to people in their homes, respite care, educational, employment, leisure and/or residential settings, including those providing transport and advocacy services.

  • People with a disability or with age-related conditions (e.g. early onset dementia) attending centre-based services (e.g. day programs, respite care, supported employment).